First blog post


My first essay. It was inspired by heavy snow falling on Washington DC during Spring break, 2017.

Where I go

     A day in the mid-spring, when my dog licks my face, I wake up and feel there is something extraordinary. Looking out the window, on the street today is lighter, glitterier and serener than usual. The snow crystals, tens of thousands, tiny or large, drift down from the sky, tack and veer on their voyages, and fall on high-streets, broad-ways, the roof, the stone wall and by the lane. As yesterday, the advent of spring brought color forward to these city elements.  Today, each snowflake paints them in white and depicts its white story. There is not so much sound, serenity is filled in every corner of city.

I walk through white sidewalks of high buildings on my voyage of discovery. On the side of street stands up spruces and cedars, snowflakes crystallize here and there along their branches. As white as pear blossoms blooming on the trees? But, crystals bend down branches. In a field of whiteness, two lovers are walking amidst the snow, holding hands closely, with their small talk in falling snow.  When they stroll through the cedars, the branches weighed down by the snowflakes suddenly bounce back. One flake of snow after another floats, as if white soft petals flutter to them, spread out into air and into meadows. The air is full of laughter and joyful. What a poetic and picturesque scenery! They seem in the painting. But more exquisite. So sprightly, vivid and vivacious, how can brush painting express?

I begin walking along the trail to the brook. The world is still. In a distance, between the snow-crystallized butterfly magnolias and dogwood trees, stands a group of people, belong to one family. They move deliberately and slowly, wander over to the dogwood trees, make the still scenery more vibrant and richer.  By the dogwood trees, they stand there as a part of scenery and all silently watch the snow fall, maybe: to be away from city’s complexity and bustle, to slow the city pace, or to easy their mind and soul, or to build fun memories and strengthen family bonds?

I wade through fields of snow, with the increased glow of thought and feeling. My dog, a few yards away, leaps into the air and desperately attempts to taste snowflakes in his mouth. I shape the snow into a rough sphere, and throw it into the field. The dog jumps up and run on ahead of me to eagerly catch the snowball, leaving trails of paw prints in the snow. The snowball gone with wind. The dog searches for the snowball, and wanders around the area of snowball falling. He searches hardly and confusingly look at me.  He asks: where is my snowball? I open my hands and look at him with my innocent eyes. Petting him I continue my journey.

Amidst the snow I walk into forest and seek out unseen. Down the hill, in the canyon, I am near brook. Looking closely, spruces and birches grow down brook brink and make course, moss-grown stones are on brookside, and wild lotus trees grow in the brook itself. The trees, bushes, stones and canyon walls are carved with snow ice crystals, glittering in the wild scene. The elements are less reserved and distinct:    spreading from the brink of the woodland brook, in the midst of frost-bound meadows, bluish-green wild birds are chirping near their nests, and hopping around wild-seeds fallen from the trees. As my dog longingly approaches, the wild birds seek all paths out to fly away in the falling snow. In other sides of brook, through beds of frozen berry bushes, the new tracks of snow fox and triangular tracks of rabbits remind me that every hour is crowded with wild events. Following the tracks, I see that a snow fox, blending with snow, is brisk and brave to play his wildlife along the course of the meandering brook. I stand behind him, silently watch and quest how wild it could be.  I traverse the forest, a blue rabbit pops up, runs close by me, looks at me with his curiosity and then flee into bushes. I hurried up to ran after and catch up the blue bunny.  “Please Wait!!!”  “Oh, no”, I fall down, down, “Am I in the deep bunny hole?”.  Turning over, I see, tree roots entwine me.  A new and wild feeling is growing on me.

With a full of novelty, I wander through woods to the mountain and continue to seek unknown.  A sweet and richredplum flowery fragrance floats from the distance, alluring me to explore where the scent comes from. On the top of high hill, a red plum tree is situated near rocks, can’t wait to erupt with fuchsia blooms. Tiny blossoms sit vertically on top of branches, and stand out with their unique six flowers petals. The petals are vibrant pink on the edge, blushing pink in the center, fill with yellow pistil. Leaves are rarely seen on trees. Look far: snow crystals spread their magnificent white color and create a dense white floral canopy on the pink plum blossoms, and plum blossoms add its aromatic scent to snow. Look closely: the blossoms are half covered by snow crystals and are half exposed their pink petals. As if a girl in love reveals her delicacy effeminacy and shyness, blush, and lower the head with shy and fetching smile.  Birds sing for her, snow drifts for her and winds wave for her.  They all want a closer look at her various shy and shining manners.  I linger there and trance. Wonderland never ends.

On the top of the high hill, I can look over from broad forest, river and brook to the snowy mountain. Yesterday paths to the mountain are distinct, today they have been completely covered by heavy snow. I attempted all of paths hardly to cross the mountain.  I search, search, seek out, reach out. I am bound. Where I go?  I stand and silently watch the snow falling long and late.  Look into the distance, I see the mist and spray, without outlet to my eyes. Look up the sky, I see the clouds. Close my eyes  I ponder over:

Snow crystals and petals on my hair;

Snow crystals and petals on my face;

snow crystals and petals on my lips.

They turn into snow droplets and flow into my heart. Speak to heart of mine, I couldn’t find a way to describe my soul,  It is all inside.   Let snow crystals wash my heart, my soul will never dry.   Let snow crystals moisten my heart, it is never depleted.    Let snow crystals fill in my soul, it is never void. Let snow crystals purify my soul, it will light on. My soul will dance in every moment, and songs will wing from my soul.

I close my eyes to feel surrounding. Silence?  I hear that wind waves the snowflakes into a whirlpool. I hear that wind shakes snow crystals and petals from trees. I hear that the snow crystals dance on the land. Let wind clear the sky, I can see the light.  Let wind clear the fog and mist, I will never be lost.  Let wind take the fear away, I will never ever be afraid.   Let wind give me strength, I will create new paths.    Let wind break the bound, my soul will be free.  Let wind speak to my lonely soul, my heart will open up, and say the words that you can trust.  Let wind look inside my soul, I can spell out love. You will see love in my soul, my love will never be shaken, it will never ever fail.

I open my eyes to speak to my wandering heart.

Where I go?

In the distance, I see,  where snow-covered maple, oak and cherry grow, there is bright sunshine shining the trees, and birds fly around them.

Like the compass

charts my wandering soul.

points me forward.

Where I go?

In the distance, I see,  where snow-covered maple, oak and cherry grow, there is bright stars shining the trees.

Like the pointer

guides my wandering soul.

navigates my journey forward.

Where I go?

Listen to my heart.

Where my soul is.

Hope in my hands.

This is I believe.